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Dec 24, 2012 1:05am EST
our present speaker, john boehner, helped us the toolsusties thees to improve the situation. the disturbing part is the red category at the bottom, which indicates roughly 25% of plans are in some significant financial distress. this distressed flows from a variety of causes. typically, because the employers, the trucking companies, supermarket owners, construction contractors, are in very difficult segments of our economy. talk to any electrical contractor, air conditioning contractor, trucking company, they will tell you they have had very difficult times over the last 56 years. that manifest itself in less money coming into the business, fewer workers paying into the fund. the second problem we can all see in our own 401k account or thrift account in the case of federal employees -- as market values have tumbled, so has our retirement account. the investments in many of these funds have not kept pace with the needs of employees. the third is a sort of demographic tidal wave that i have to take some responsibility for. i was born in 1957, so i am part of the baby boom generatio
Dec 23, 2012 10:05pm EST
john boehner this week. host: let me read to you "activists that helped john boehner's plan b saying that republicans must be ready to go over the fiscal cliff that includes no tax increases. sbainer boehner and other republican leaders have been too scared about suffering publicly if the nation goes over the cliff and the tax sbikeses that are triggered in january. now that the plan b has failed these conservative republicans should be empower you ared to make big demands and stop caving to the president out of fear." guest: that doesn't make much sense to me. you have to get it through the house republicans then the president has to sign something, if that doesn't happen then you have very large tax increases a lot more than what they were talking about in their negotiating and you have the defense cuts that happen overtime and some other, nondefense cuts. you really have this huge amount of revenue, a lot of debt reduction. it is hard to see what demands the republicans can think will be easier to make come the new year. guest: plus, we've seen the president's approval level is at
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2